What is Econyl gym clothing?

Econyl is a material making big waves in the fashion industry. The goal of this material is to push the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Econyl Gym Wear by Jerf Sports

What is Econyl?

Econyl is a product manufactured by a company called Aquafil. Aquafil is a world leader in synthetic fibres and quality, innovation and sustainability. Econyl is regenerated nylon, it's identical to regular nylon, but it can be recycled, recreated and remoulded many times over. This means it can be used to create new clothing and fashion items without having to extract raw materials and go through an emission producing manufacturing process, making it a better choice for the environment and those who are environmentally conscious.

As well as being a more sustainable option, Econyl is a high performing material and holds up very well as a sportswear material.


Econyl Gym wear by Jerf


Where can i find Econyl gym clothing?

The activewear brand Jerf Sports have a strong focus on producing environmentally friendly and sustainable gym wear, while also being beautiful to look at and functional. You can also find a selection of gym clothing made from Econyl in our men's gym wear and women's gym clothes collections. 


The Econyl project. Jerf Econyl products are made with recycled (ghost) fishing nets.


Jerf & the Econyl Project

The Econyl used in the Jerf Gym Clothing range is completely made from recycled fishing nets. Out of the 640,000 tonnes of plastic waste thrown into the oceans each year, 10% of this waste is empty fishnets, also known as ghosts. If left in the oceans these nets injure and kill millions of fish, birds and other aquatic creatures. Jerf wanted to change this situation and joined the Econyl project to help contribute to a more sustainable future.

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