Golds Gym Clothing

Gold's Gym Clothing

Founded in Venice Beach, California during mid-60s Gold's Gym quickly made a big impact on the fitness world. Today and they are regarded as one of the world's most recognised and trusted fitness brands. In the 80s and 90s Gold's Gym was the number one place to train for many famous bodybuilders and fitness competitors. It is still arguably one of the best places in the world to train. People travel from all over just to train at Gold's Gym Venice Beach, California, for many this where their hero's fitness journeys began.

Gold's Gym clothing features classic designs from the golden age of bodybuilding reimagined. We stock a range of classic stringers and gym t-shirts from Gold's Gym, such as those made famous by the man who helped to bring bodybuilding into the mainstream, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gold's Gym also makes a selection of stylish women's clothing such as gym leggings, sports tops and vests all at affordable prices. These are some real golden era bodybuilding clothes.