The Top Activewear Trends Of 2022 Take Women's Gym Clothing To A New Level

While the best women's gym clothing alone might not be enough to help you reach your fitness goals, they are more than able to grant you some much-needed motivation to finally start working towards your dream body. In fact, trendy women's gym clothing is much more than a worthy splurge. Consider your new seamless gym leggings, utterly comfy crew sweater, and wear-me-everywhere sports bras as a downright investment.


Now that the warm-weather season is finally upon us, the time to upgrade your wardrobe with the top activewear trends 2022 has to offer. From strength-training-approved women's gym sets to high-quality fitness leggings for your next cardio sessions, we rounded up the best activewear trends for you below.


Top 2022 women's gym clothing trends

 Women's Gym Fashion Trends of 2022

Bright, bold gym clothing


Gorilla Wear Vici Women's Tracksuit Pants

Gorilla Wear Vici Pants - Light Blue

Were here for you to free yourself of distractions and stay focused on your fitness routine, however, the same cannot be said for the rest of the gym-goers around you. The top activewear trends require you to step into dopamine-dressing territory with bright, bold colours.


Gavelo women's yellow gym tracksuit 

Gavelo Track Pant - Lemon

This vibrant lemon hue, for example, might be retro-inspired, but it ticks all our trendy fashion boxes. It has a flattering slim fit and modern, tapered legs for easy movement.


 Better Bodies Rockaway Seamless Leggings

Better Bodies Rockaway Seamless Leggings

If tracksuits are not your cup of tea, these seamless leggings in flaming pink are also a fantastic way to tap into the bright activewear trend. Consider them as the ultimate way to accentuate your hard-earned curves while working out - or just lounging.


Long-sleeve workout crop tops workout top looks

Gorilla Wear Hilton Seamless Gym Sets

Gorilla Wear Hilton Cropped Longsleeves 

There is something unique about long-sleeve fitness crop tops that make women opt for them on-repeat. Luckily, they also managed to creep into the top activewear trends of 2022 as well for those who want something a bit more sleek than a hoodie or a crewneck.


Gorilla Wear Ocala Cropped Longsleeve

Gorilla Wear Ocala Cropped Longsleeve

Once again, even when it comes to long-sleeve crop tops, unapologetically vibrant colours are at the forefront of the fashion sphere. Our catalogue includes knitted seamless styles with beautiful details crafted from comfortable and soft yarn. Also, this top comes with a rib at the waist for better fit and super flattering long sleeves.


Gavelo Cropped Seamless Longsleeve 

Gavelo Seamless Cropped Longsleeve

Remember, your favourite trendy women's gym clothing should reflect your personal style. In case bold colours aren’t for you, opt for an all-black long-sleeve crop top instead. This top promises to keep you away from skin irritations while working out. On top of that, it comes with  thumbholes to prevent the sleeves from riding up during movements.


Loose and regular-fit shorts


Gorilla Wear Pixley Shorts

Gorilla Wear Pixley Sweat Shorts 

Sure, 2021 was all about skin-tight biker shirts, however, the top activewear trends of 2022 require shorts to be a bit comfier and loose-fiting - but equally figure-flattering. You can layer them with your trusted legging for outdoor training or wear them on their own when the weather permits it.


Gorilla Wear Women's Salina 2-in-1 gym Shorts

Gorilla Wear Salina 2-In-1 Shorts

These 2-in-1 gym shorts will rival your favourite seamless leggings! They consist of two shorts joined together. The base layer under-short is extremely breathable. As for the shorts, let’s just say that the fabric will certainly keep you fabric keeps you cool and focused. Last, but not least, the elastic waistband fits perfectly and can be adjusted by pulling the drawstring if needed.


Gorilla Wear Maddison Reversible Women's Gym Shorts

Gorilla Wear Madison Reversible Shorts

We certainly love combining two women's gym clothing trends together and these reversible shorts will effortlessly match your different moods. Fancy an all-black workout ensemble? Choose the dark site. Are you feeling a bit more optimistic today? Switch it to the Neon Lime side. Basically, you have two pairs of shorts in one!


Fashion-forward silhouettes


Gavelo Betty Blue Women's Sports Top for Gym

Gavelo Betty Top - Blue  

2022 is the quintessential time to redefine tried-and-true fitness basics and turn them into something unexpected. From multiple straps and asymmetrical patterns to interesting cutouts, this trend has definitely a lot to offer. Some of the most noteworthy options are stylish patterns on the back drenched in playful, bright colors.


Gavelo Women's Cargo Top for gym and casual wear

Gavelo Cargo Top - Charcoal  

This top is an excellent choice for the gym, but also doubles as an everyday top for your future strolls in the city. The Cargo Bralette features light support, adjustable shoulder straps, and a very firm design that keeps the top in place throughout your most challenging workouts.


Gavelo Raspberry Swirl Women's Sports Top for Gym

Gavelo Raspberry Swirl Sports Bra

If you lean towards a more pretty-cute aesthetic, this  Swirl Sports Bra is for you. You can spot the pink fabric with white edge stitches and stripes from afar. Plus, it comes with a gorgeous decorative pattern on the back that can show off your silhouette in the best way possible.


Nebbia Women's Intense Golden Jumpsiuit for gym and casual wear

Nebbia Intense Jumpsuit

When it comes to women’s workout fashion, there is always room for experimentation. Workout jumpsuits might sometimes look like ballet-inspired “uniforms” that slid into the gym fashion sphere, but we can assure you. They are definitely worth it.  They are able to offer enough coverage in a really stylish way plus, you won’t have to worry about anything riding up or down during movements.

Shop the top 2022 women's gym clothing trends

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the top activewear trends 2022 has to offer, you can freely start adding things to your spring women's gym clothing Wishlist. Head over to, the largest multi-branded gym clothing retailer in the UK, to discover hundreds of trendy workout clothes from flattering, seamless gym leggings and comfy sports brands to hoodies, women's gym sets, and everything in between. Also, don’t forget to check out our new arrivals.

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