New Gym Clothing Releases - August 2021 Roundup

Here are just a few of the latest arrivals to land with us throughout August 2021. Be sure to bookmark our blog and check regularly, because we're always adding new and exciting products from your favourite premium, imported gym clothing brands.

Gavelo GLNCHCK 4 collection women's gym clothes
Gavelo GLNCHCK 4

A collection of clothing which blurs the line between fitness and fashion. This set looks at home both on the streets and in the gym. Not only is this outfit beautifully stylish, it's also made from recycled PET bottles, making it a great option for the environmentally conscious fitness enthusiast. There's now 4 styles in this pattern to pick from and we have them all here.

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Dreadlift Doughnut Wrist Wraps
Dreadlift Doughnut Wrist Wraps

New wrist wraps from Dreadlift featuring a seamless printed doughnut design, thumb loops for easy fastening and a thick elastic for increased wrist support.

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Better Bodies Empire Cropped Crew Sweater
Better Bodies Empire Cropped Crew

A crew sweater with an elastic adjustable bottom, allowing you to wear it tight or loose as well as height adjustable. This sweater is made from a soft and flexible material. Pair it with the matching empire shorts or joggers, your favourite shorts, leggings, or jeans on the way to and from the gym or out and about on a rest day. This women's gym sweater comes in Dark Turquoise, Light Grey or Black.

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Gavelo Sniper White Outfit
Gavelo Sniper White Outfit

A new men's gym outfit from Gavelo features a sleeveless gym t-shirt and performance shorts. Both items are made from a silky smooth, breathable material making this outfit both stylish and functional.

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Gavelo Betty Outfit
Gavelo Betty Outfits

Perfect to keep you cool in the gym during the summer. The Gavelo Betty sets feature a sports bra with a cutout area to the chest, light support and high waist hotpants. Both items are made from a soft, breathable, comfy and supportive material. Choose from Dusty Lavender or Blue.

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Better Bodies Union Original Tee
Better Bodies Union Original Tee

A men's gym tee built on the platform of one of GASPs biggest selling tees, the GASP Original Tee. If you like the feel and fit of the GASP tee, we know you'll love the Better Bodies Union Original Tee too. Long time fans of the brand may recognise the print design from a very popular tee from Better Bodies many years ago. If you missed the original item back then and always wanted one, it's back and now is the time to grab yours. Available in Black with White print or Black with White print.

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Better Bodies Strong Seamless Leggings
Better Bodies Strong Seamless Leggings

New seamless scrunch leggings made from an extra soft and comfy material. The design features a non-slip high waist and scrunches effect to enhance your body's curves. These beautifully stylish leggings are also squat proof! Grab yours in Sunset Melange or Black Melange.

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Nebbia Unlock Your Champion Hoodie
Nebbia Unlock The Champion Hoodie

A must-have for Bodybuilding fans. This high-quality men's gym hoodie from Nebbia is inspired by the Olympia legacy. The design features Nebbia and the official Olympia logo lampas down the arms, a logo to the chest, patents on the bottom of the hoodie and sleeves and laces to adjust the hood. It's a retro-looking hoodie designed to modern standards. The hoodie has a soft inside with a t-shirt feel and a thick outer layer to protect you from the elements. Available here in Black or Grey.

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Nebbia Golden Era Sweatpants
Nebbia Golden Era Sweatpants

Slim fitting, high-quality joggers designed in collaboration with the Olympia event. These joggers feature Nebbia logo lampas down the sides with official Olympia logos. An essential piece for upcoming and competing bodybuilders.

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Nebbia Oldschool Muscle Tank
Nebbia Old School Muscle Tank

The name says it all! This is a real old school bodybuilding tank top designed just for bodybuilders. It has retro vibes and a classic cut with contrasting arm and neck holes. This men's gym vest looks like it hopped straight from a time machine during the golden era days at Muscle Beach and we've got no doubt, it's going to be a big hit with the bodybuilding community.

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