The Ultimate Men's Gym Fashion Guide

Gorilla Wear Men's Nelson Gym Hoodie

Men's gym wear is all about being comfortable and making sure you look good while you are exercising. When you choose the right clothes for your workout, you want to make sure they fit well and don't bind or pinch where you need them to stay in place. Wearing a gym outfit, you feel comfortable and confident in can make or break your workout. Also, wearing the appropriate materials and items can have an impact for better or worse too. 


Where to buy men's gym clothes

The best place to find men's workout clothes is online. Not only are you able to view many different designs that are being sold in a variety of stores, but also you can do your shopping without having to leave the comfort of your own home. With the advent of the internet, we are given the opportunity to purchase products at lower costs. It is no wonder then that we see more people flocking to the internet for their men's workout clothes. They are able to get exactly what they want for much less money. Men's workout clothes have come a long way since the early days of just working out in a gym. These days, you can get all sorts of different kinds of men's workout clothes, from sports jerseys, workout wear, shorts, swimwear, and even sweatpants and pants.

If you are undecided on what to wear to the gym, here are a few quick tips to help point you in the direction of your next perfect gym outfit whatever your style.


The latest trends in men’s gym fashion

If you like to keep up to date with the latest trends, you can do so by simply clicking on our main men’s gym clothing category.

We add items to this category weekly. Creating an outfit from items listed at the top of this page is a great way to keep in line with the latest trends from men’s designer gym wear brands.

Here are some cool new men’s gym outfits

stylish and minimalist in its design, the new burgundy red tracksuit from Gorilla Wear
Gorilla Wear Wenden Tracksuit Burgundy Red – Photo by Gorilla Wear
gavelo’s new light blue eco friendly gym t-shirt paired with their organic cotton victory softpants. A bright gym outfit ideal for the summe
Gavelo Sports Tee Gulf Stream Blue & Victory Softpants Grey – Photo by Gavelo
The Delano polo is fresh and minimalist, making it a great casual piece of clothing
A new piece of designer men’s gym wear from Gorilla Wear, the Delano Polo Shirt in White.  – Photo by Gorilla Wear

Old School Bodybuilder Style Gym Clothes

You can still dress like those guys from the golden age of bodybuilding with our massive selection of old school bodybuilder gym clothes. This type of men’s gym fashion is still a hit, and if anything, it is trending more and more.

We have an entire category dedicated to this style of gym wear, and in here you will find all those hard-to-find items such as bodybuilding ragtops, gym stringer tank tops, baggy workout pants and oversized workout tees. A lot of people still like training in these items, they offer a lot more freedom than modern fitting items that mainstream brands produce.

Get the oldschool bodybuilder look with these gym clothes

My Olympia 2019 winner wearing the Gorilla Wear Sheldon rag top, an old school bodybuilder favourite

2019 Mr Olympia Brandon Curry in the Gorilla Wear Sheldon Workout top – Photo by Gorilla Wear


This Gorilla Wear outfit features a cut off sleeve hooded tank and breathable shorts. Designed for freedom of movement and temperature management

Something for the summer months. The Gorilla Wear Rogers Hooded Tank and San Antonio gym shorts – Photo by Gorilla Wear


GASP Athlete Hunter Labrada preparing for a workout in the Iron Tee & Vintage Sweatpants

Hunter Labrada in the GASP Iron Tee & Vintage Sweatpants – Photo by GASP


If this is your style, head on over to our oldschool bodybuilding clothing category and create your next outfit from the items in this collection.


Sports and performance activewear

As the name says, this style of men's gym fashion is all about performing at a high level. These gym clothing items are best suited to intense cardio, box fit workouts, and other sports. Their design features tend to be more minimalistic and fresher in appearance and made with more functional materials.

The items in this collection feature many performance benefits, such as preventing friction, quick-drying technology, and lesser restriction of movement. Due to these benefits, they are wide variety of sports as well as weight session in the gym.

Here are some of our favourite items for performance.

The Gavelo Victory tracksuit has a retro look and modern fit

Gavelo are always at the forefront of men’s gym fashion with their range of Tracksuits – Photo by Gavelo


the gorilla wear taos tee strikes a balance between fresh, modern styling and performance

The Gorilla Wear Taos T-shirts are made of a blend of high-performance materials. It is the perfect tee for all sports and exercises - Photo by Gorilla Wear


the iciw men’s gym tank tops and shorts are perfect for functional fitness workouts

The ICIW range is designed with the latest men’s gym fashion trends in mind and it is made with the latest innovative materials – Photo by ICIW


If you are looking for a gym outfit to wear for sports and cardio; mix and match items from our athletic and performance clothing category.


MMA and Boxing Fight Wear

These gym clothing items are designed to prevent friction during exercise when rolling on mats, while also providing unrestricted movement to help you throw punches and kicks with freedom.

If you are looking for a gym outfit for sparing or going to your martial arts or MMA workouts, look in our men’s fight wear category.

Perform at your best wearing these pieces of fight wear.

The Gavelo Sniper set is  a close fitting compression materials with a full camo print design and victory logos scattered throughout

Got to battle on the ropes with the Gavelo Sniper Sleeveless Tee and Sniper compression leggings – Photo by Gavelo.


Cody Gabrant mentally preparing to spar in Gorilla Wear fightwear

MMA Fighter Cody Garbrant focusing on the fight in the Gorilla Wear Lander Rash guard and Franklin shorts – Photo by Gorilla Wear


Kumara Usman wears the Lewis T-Shirt & Smart Tights regularly during his sparring sessions and gym workouts

MMA Fighter Kamaru Usman dressed for function in the Gorilla Wear Lewis T-shirt & Smart tights – Photo by Gorilla Wear


Should you wear base layers?

Base layers are a bit of a marmite gym clothing item for men. A lot of people would agree that on their own they are a no; due to the fact you are publicly putting a lot on display.

Whatever your opinion, they do provide some benefits. UPMC Health beat says that wearing compression clothing can help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during exercise. This may result in better performance and less fatigue.

These are some of our top men’s base layers

GASP’s first ever pair of compression leggings were designed specifically with the bodybuilder in mind. A bold and masculine design compared with traditional base layers

The GASP Iron tights were designed to be fully functional and fit the bodybuilder physique – Photo by GASP


athletes prefer wearing Smartshorts during MMA practice because they feel like wearing a second skin and they allow unrestricted movement

Versatile and discrete when you want them to be. The Gorilla Wear smart tights are perfect addition to every gym outfit – Photo by Gorilla Wear


Browse our full selection of Men’s Gym Baselayers

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