6 Funky Gym Leggings You Need In Your Collection

Do you want something a bit different to the standard block colours and the usual seamless sets? We've got your covered.

Of the 100s of pairs available on our store, we've saved you a bit of time and rounded up 6 pairs of the most unique, stylish and stand out pairs of women's gym leggings available.


Gavelo Happy Limone Leggings

Introduce a bit of zest to your gym outfit and grab a pair of Limone Leggings. Bright yellow gym leggings with a bit of a summer vibe. They're made with a soft and stretchy material and feature a non-slip high waist. They're perfect for all types of exercise!



Gavelo Giraffe Leggings

Be different with these funky and environmentally friendly tights. Made with a material made from recycled PET-bottles, these sports tights were produced in a way that has the least effect on our natural resources.


Nebbia ALOHA Babe Leggings

Inspired by nature and the sun, these gym leggings were also created from recycled plastics. They feature floral panels and breathable mesh cut-outs around the knee area. Nebbia has made it their mission to not only produce some of the most stylish and functional gym wear on the market, but they also want to make the world a better, cleaner place too by using the most innovative and environmentally friendly materials accessible.


Gorilla Wear Savannah Biker Tights

Gorilla Wear is swiftly rising the ranks and becoming a leading women's gym clothing brand. Over the past few years, they have released some truly fashionable pieces. If camo is your thing, take a look at the Savannah Biker Tights. These gym leggings are available in either green camo or black camo. There are several mesh panels for breathability and a contoured knee panel for an excellent range of movement. Perfect for a weight session or a bit of intense cardio.


Gavelo Happy Flamingo

If you love bright pink, these are for you. These tights feature a seamless pink flamingo pattern with Gavelo's signature V for victory on the legs. The waist is high and non-slip, so you won't encounter and slippage during exercise. They're made with a soft and stretch fabric making them great for a yoga workout.

Better Bodies Camo High Tights

Better Bodies flagship gym leggings. These have been on the market for as long as we can remember, and they are very highly rated. They're stylish, squat proof and tough. The waist is high and features non-slip technology, so you will be able to perform your leg day with no distractions from falling or rising leggings. They're now available in a wide assortment of camo varieties, so you will be able to find the perfect pair to complement any gym outfit.

You can find these and more in our full women's gym leggings collection.

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