Gym Hybrids - Multifunctional Workout Trainers from Gorilla Wear

New Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids


The Ultimate Gym & Outdoor Trainers

Gorilla Wear has launched the perfect pair of trainers for the gym, CrossFit and other outdoor workouts and sports. The new Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids are light, comfortable and stable. Their durable interior and breathable mesh exterior make them the ultimate gym shoe.

Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrid Trainers White

Style & Function

Gorilla Wear hasn't compromised on style while creating these functional trainers. There are 4 colours to choose from, so there's a colour to go with any gym fit. There are plenty of sizes on offer, all the way from UK 2 up to UK 11.5.

Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrid Trainers Black

Find the Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids & more in our footwear collection.

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