Gift For Gym Lovers

Looking for a gift buy your gym fanatic friend but don't know where to start? Keep reading and discover a list of great gifts for both men and women covering all budgets made to make your job a bit easier!

A Smartshaker DC Edition

Smartshake DC Edition Superman
Perfect for someone who loves to workout and likes superheroes. Choose from Batman, Superman, Superwoman, Harley Quinn plus others. These protein shakers come in just under £10 making them a fine addition to the main present or an excellent secret Santa gift for the fitness enthusiast.


GASP Black Shaker
GASP Shaker £11.00
  • 800ml 
  • Storage Compartment on bottom

MetalShake Shaker £19.99
  • Surgical Steel
  • Ice Puck in the bottom to keep drinks cold

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New Lifting Straps

Schiek Jay Cutler Lifting Straps
Lifting straps come in a wide variety of colours and materials. We have everything from padded pink lifting straps up to heavy-duty leather lifting straps, so there's something for everyone. A lot of gym-goers will find these of great benefit when performing back exercises and deadlifts. You can find these for as little as £2 in our lifting straps collection, making them a nice add on gift.

TNT Nuclear Lifting Straps  £2.00
  • Neoprene padded inserts to prevent friction
  • Hazard design

Urban Gym Wear Padded Lifting Straps  £4.00
  • Neoprene padded inserts to prevent friction
  • 5 Colour options



Brachial Lifting Straps Drag  £4.00

  • Soft neoprene wrist guards
  • Velcro and bubble lock and closure
  • 2 Colour options

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A Pair Of Wrist Wraps

GASP World Off Wrist Wraps Snow Camo
Like lifting straps, there are tonnes of colours and material options on offer. These are to be used with pressing exercises such as the bench press and shoulder press. These can be bought from as low as £3 on our site.


TNT Nuclear Wrist Wraps  £3.00

  • Thumb loop for easy closure
  • Hazard design

Urban Gym Wear Stars & Stripes Wrist Wraps  £8.00

  • Thumb loop for easy wrap
  • USA flag inspired design
  • More rigid for high support

GASP World Off Wrist Wraps  £24.00

  • Premium quality
  • High strength support and durability
  • Designed with bodybuilder Guy Cisternino

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A Weightlifting Belt

Schiek Pink Weightlifting Belt
Weightlifting belts protect and stabilize the core muscles during exercise. We have everything from bright pink, to leather and even Olympia Athlete edition belts such as the Schiek Jay Cutler & Phil Heath weightlifting belts, these are the ideal gift for every bodybuilding enthusiast.


Urban Gym Wear Nylon Belt  £16.00

  • Velcro & closure
  • Lightweight
  • 3 Colour options

Schiek Jay Cutler Custom Belt £60.00

  • 100% Genuine leather belt
  • Stitched Jay Cutler logo design and signature
  • Personally designed by Jay Cutler himself

Schiek Training Belt Model 2004 £37.00

  • 10 Colour options
  • Made with Schiek's patented technology

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A Pair Of Gym Gloves

Schiek Weightlifting Gloves Black
The perfect gift for men and women who train that want to keep their hands soft. They also make training in the winter months in a cold gym a bit more pleasant.

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A Gym Bag

Gorilla Wear Jerome Gym Bag Black & Red
This is the perfect gift for storing all of the above or to be used as a work bag and show that you live a fitness lifestyle. In our collection, you'll find everything from string bags to sports holdalls, all available in a variety of different colours and designs.


gorilla wear jerome gym bag in black & red

Gorilla Wear Jerome Gym Bag £54.00

  • Ultra Durable
  • 52x29x27cm for lots of storage

Metalshake Bag £26.99

  • Includes 4 meal prep containers
  • Space for 2 shakers or sports bottles
  • Perfect for health conscious people on the go

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A Tank Top

Gold's Gym Muscle Joe Stringer
A great choice if you're buying for a bodybuilder. We've got tanks and stringers in our collection from Golds Gym, GASP, Gorilla Wear, Better Bodies and more. Ideal for training in the summer or just for the gym-goer that likes to show off their hard work. Use our colour and style filters to find the perfect colour, fit and style.


Golds Gym Muscle Joe Tank Top in Black

Gold's Gym Muscle Joe Premium Stringer £16.00

  • High quality cotton jersey fabric
  • 9 Colour options

GASP Vintage T-Back In White

GASP Vintage T-Back £26.00

  • Premium quality tank top for bodybuilders
  • Available in 6 colours

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Gym Leggings

Gavelo GLNCHCK Leggings Black & White
You can never have too many gym leggings. We've got seamless, high waist, low waist, camo, patterned, neon, block colours, you name it. With 100s of styles available we're sure you will find the perfect gift for her in our collection.

Gold's Gym Seamless Gym Leggings in Grey

Gold's Gym Seamless Gym Leggings £22.00

  • High waisted
  • Seamless styling
  • Available in 2 colour options

Gavelo GLNCHCK Leggings

Gold's Gym Seamless Gym Leggings £62.00

  • Can be worn as a casual piece or as a gym piece
  • Squat proof
  • Available in 3 colour styles

Gorilla Wear Kaycee Tights In Burgundy Red

Gold's Gym Seamless Gym Leggings £34.00

  • High waisted
  • Seamless Styled
  • Breathable
  • Available in 2 colours

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