GASP Clothing - brand highlight

GASP believes that every athlete deserves top-notch fitness gear, no matter their size or fitness level. With GASP, all bodybuilders are sure to find clothes that fit their individual styles while also getting the most out of their performance during workouts.

GASP combines both form and function to create stylish garments that are comfortable and hardwearing. GASP are a gym wear brand that caters to all levels of athletes from beginners to professionals by offering various sizes and styles for everyone - no matter your fitness level or size.

GASP continues to strive forward with its commitment to building the best gear for the modern day athlete so they can perform at their best in style! With GASP, you're sure to make a statement when it comes time to hit the gym!

Branch Warren Wearing GASP Clothing


What makes GASP gym wear different?

GASP produces a range of garments designed for serious workouts and bodybuilding lifestyle apparel for outside the gym. GASP clothing items are always made without any trade-offs and treated by hand, giving them a one-of-a-kind and individual look. GASP overemphasizes subtleties, gets the right fit, and only offers top-of-the-line quality - rest assured knowing when you buy GASP, you're constantly getting a premium quality piece of bodybuilding clothing stacked with the GASP mentality!


Bodybuilder Jonny O Jackson Wearing GASP Clothing


Who wears GASP clothing?

GASP prides itself on being different from regular gym wear brands and has built a very loyal community. GASP gym wear is regularly worn in and out of the gym by the most devoted competitors and iconic fitness professionals (Branch Warren, Guy Cisternino, Johnnie O. Jackson & Hunter Labrada to name a few)!


New GASP clothing product developement


GASP's NPD team proudly works with the best athletes & bodybuilders in the world and produces products for those that have a true obsession with the iron sport and lifestyle. GASP pledge to continue to be the innovative force behind the best gym wear brand available with No compromises.

GASP has recently celebrated its 40th birthday and made its mark in the bodybuilding clothing market in 40 nations around the world.


Guy Cisternino Wearing GASP Clothing


Where can you find the full range?

Urban Gym Wear are a premium UK dealer for GASP clothing and stock the full range of gym wear including vests, stringers, tees, long sleeves, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts and weightlifting accessories available to the UK. To browse the collection, go to our GASP clothing page. Book mark the collection page and check back weekly - as soon as a new release is available, the chances are, we'll have it!

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