Bodybuilding Clothing - The Best from 2022

Bodybuilding is an activity that requires strength, stamina, and flexibility. It also involves dieting, training, and posing for photos. The sport has been around since the 1920s, when it was first introduced by Eugen Sandow. Today, there are many different types of bodybuilders, each with their own unique style.


The Evolution to Modern Men's Gym Clothes

Bodybuilding clothes have changed over time. In the early days, men wore baggy shorts and shirts with no sleeves. They would wear tight fitting t-shirts under their lifting suits. Nowadays, bodybuilders often wear more fitted workout gear. This includes compression tops, tank tops, and other types of shirts.


We Still Stock The Old Classics

If this isn't your style, then don't worry. At our store you can still find rag tops, loose fitting sweatpants, baseball jerseys and basketball tops with an old-school look and feel, designed with the bodybuilder in mind. Keep on reading to discover some of the best of the best bodybuilding clothing and collection to release in 2022.


Nebbia 1965 Old school Bodybuilding Collection

Nebbia 1965 Collection

This is a collection designed with inspiration from bodybuilding in 1965, arguably the golden age of bodybuilding. There's an item for every season available in this collection, gym shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, tees and hoodies. The Golden Era items in this collection are developed in collaboration with the Olympia and feature panels down the side of the garments with Nebbia & Olympia Logos.

Shop the Nebbia 1965 Collection


GASP Clothing Division Iron Gym Tee Washed Green

GASP Division Iron Tee

A big oversized tee, for big physiques. Those who purchased the GASP Original tee or the GASP Iron tee will be a fan of this one. It has a similar fit, and its made with a breathable cotton and polyester blend. Being a GASP product, you can rest assured this will hold up through many workout and washes without losing quality.

Shop the GASP Division Iron Tee


Brachial Gym Collection

Brachial Gym Collection

High-quality, oversized gym wear with many stitched and printed details. These sets make a great gym outfit for the colder days and also work as a rest day casual outfit for bodybuilders. You can find this outfit on our site in 4 different colours and with a matching oversized gym tee.

Shop the Brachial Gym Collection


Brachial Hungry Gym Tee With Skull Print

Brachial T-Shirt Hungry

Another high-quality gym tee from Brachial. This tee features double-stitched seams on the neck and shoulders, and a large skull print design covering the back and a smaller skull logo on the front. A retro-looking gym tee built to modern high standards.

Shop the Brachial T-Shirt Hungry


Gorilla Wear San Mateo Basketball Vest

Gorilla Wear San Mateo Collection

A new eye-catching collection from Gorilla Wear. Available in a black/red or white/blue combination, and available as gym tees or vests. These items have a classic basketball jersey look and are made with a lightweight polyester material, making them ideal for warmer weather.

Shop the Gorilla Wear San Mateo Collection


Gorilla Wear Buffalo Old School Mens Gym Outfit

Gorilla Wear Buffalo Oldschool Collection

A new 3-piece set from Gorilla Wear comprised of gym shorts, a rag top, and baggy sweatpants. All items are made with ribbed fabric, and feature big logos and mesh breathable logo panels to the sides. Gorilla Wear has kept loyal to the old-school community, and they're going to make a lot of bodybuilders happy with this set!

Shop the Gorilla Buffalo Old School Collection


Dreadlift Golden Era Mens Gym Stringer

Dreadlift Golden Era Stringer

A new deep cut gym stringer from the brand Dreadlift. The cut of this stringer shows off the back muscles and allows the wearer to keep cool during hot weather. Its made from a lightweight, breathable & stretchy material which helps keep you cool and comfortable. 

Shop the Dreadlift Golden Era Stringer

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