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Iron Rebel’s elbow sleeve is one of the strongest and most durable ones on the market and it is constructed of the highest quality material, which makes them able to maintain their elasticity, even with heavy and frequent usage. Do you need some support for your lifts in the gym? Are you looking for a piece of equipment that helps relieve joint pain? Are you trying to prevent potential injuries or do you simply want something to keep your joints warm when lifting? Then Iron Rebel’s “Elbow Sleeve” is just what you are looking for.

It is important to take care of your body when using it for heavy resistance training. If you have ever experienced nagging joint pain as a result of training, then you know very well how much it can impede your performance in the gym. Now, Iron Rebel offers the perfect solution for you if any types of pain when lifting weights have ever troubled you. It is intended to specifically keep injuries and pain at bay and is called “Elbow Sleeve.”

The sleeve is intended to be worn during training and thus functions as a helping tool when trying to prevent potential injuries caused by overly stressing the joints, and also when nursing and treating current injuries or wanting to stabilize weak or atrophied muscles. It provides an ideal level of compression that provides support without limiting the range of motion or the movement pattern of the arm itself, and thus cannot affect resistance training in any negative way at all.

Iron Rebel’s “Elbow Sleeve” can be worn on the forearms, the elbows, the biceps and also on the knees, and thus serve their purpose as a form of additional support to help you during your training sessions, where you are putting a lot of stress on your body. Please be advised that this product is sold as one single piece, meaning that if you wish to have a set of two sleeves, it is necessary that you order two sleeves.

Sizing guide:

The “Elbow Sleeves” by Iron Rebel are 5” wide and we offer them in ½ increments in order for you to get the most precise fit possible. The sizing of the sleeve itself is based on the circumference of the area of which you are planning to wear the sleeve on (i.e. the elbow, the knee or the forearm). In order for you to get the fit and size that is just right for you, we recommended that you use a soft measuring tape. If you do not possess such a measuring tape, alternatively, you can use a piece of string/a thread/a shoelace etc. to wrap that around the given area and then measure that with a regular measuring tape. You cannot guess the size that is just right for you nor just order the same size as your friends have in the belief that it will fit you just fine – we guarantee it!

How to measure:

Wrap the measuring tape, the string/the thread/the shoelace etc. around the area of which you plan to wear the sleeve on (i.e. the elbow, the knee or the forearm), in a relaxed state. You should make sure that the measuring tape is not feeling too tight nor to loose when measuring the given area. The measuring tape should lie around the area securely.

Recommended fit:
This is the size that is the closest down measurement to the given area of which you plan to wear the sleeve. Here are a few examples:

The given area measures 12 ¼”: order a 12” “Elbow Sleeve.”

The given area measures 12 ¾”: order a 12.5” “Elbow Sleeve.”

The given area measures 12”: order a 12” “Elbow Sleeve.”

***If you have very large forearms and/or biceps or simply get a big pump:

It is crucial that you do allow room for blood flow, otherwise, you will cut off circulation. For that specific reason, we recommended that you order a size up from the measurement (i.e. if your elbow measures 12”, you should order the 12.5” “Elbow Sleeve”. If your elbow measures 12 ¾”, you should order the 13” “Elbow Sleeve.”)

***Please keep in mind:

If you plan to wear the “Elbow Sleeve” by Iron Rebel on multiple different body parts (i.e. the elbow and the knee), it might be necessary for you to order to separate and different sizes in order to obtain the most accurate and beneficial fit.


Hand wash in a bowl with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.


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