Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids - Black/Brown

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  • Multifunctional
  • Low Cut Design
  • TPU Heel Clip
  • Resilient Interior
  • EVA Insoles
  • Lifted Foot Midsole
  • Breathable Mesh Exterior

The name says it all, Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids are multifunctional workout shoes. Designed for a wide range of activities, because it provides support during explosive movements and heavy lifting. The Gym Hybrids are perfect for gym workouts, CrossFit, and outdoor training. The different properties of this shoe make it unique and pleasant to wear. The shoe provides targeted support and stretches through a soft breathable mesh exterior with extra rubber support on the critical areas. Additionally, the soft heel clip ensures rearfoot stability and protection of the heel. The outsole of the shoe is approved for both gym and outdoor workouts. The lifted foot midsole goes along with the anatomy of your feet providing greater stability and a firm stand. The high spring EVA insoles come with high-density foam for powerful movements. The Gorilla Wear Gym Hybrids come in in Black/Black, Black/Brown, Green/Green, and White/White.

Size and Fit
The size is standard, so you can order the size you normally have.

Quality: 40% Rubber, 40% Mesh, 20% TPU


Customer Reviews

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Pete W.
As an on off life user of gyms.

As an on, off life user of gyms these gym weight lifting shoes are terrible.
Just take out the horrible thin in sole and the sole is so thin you feel like you are pressing with bare feet. There is no arch support at all, and the stitched in tonuge makes a fight to get your feet in, it wont be long before the stitching falls apart. They are also very roomy, not good for weight training at all. Good training shoes should be close fitting, with a good support under your feet...

Sorry Urban gym wear these are very poor indeed at a high price.