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Women's Gym Clothing

We have the largest multi-brand offering of women's gym clothes in the UK. From bikini athletes to bodybuilders, we are sure to have some women's gym clothes that suit your needs.

So it doesn't matter if you are looking for some tighter fitting gym leggings or hotpants, or some loser fitting tops to allow for more movements on the heavier weights - we will have some women's gym clothes for you.

Find all of your women's gym clothing needs here at Urban Gym Wear. From women's gym leggings, tights, and sports bra's, all the way through to sweatpants and beanie hats.

We always stock the latest in women's gym fashion and only the most reputable women's gym clothing brands such as Better Bodies Clothing, Nebbia, and Gavelo Clothing.

Bookmark this page and return back whenever you are on the lookout for some new women's gym clothing.