Summer 2024 Fashion Alert: Best Women's Gym Leggings to Own

As we step out of spring 2024, it's time to refresh your workout wardrobe with the latest and greatest in women's gym leggings. Whether powering through a spin class or stretching it out in yoga, the correct leggings can make all the difference. This guide will help you discover the top styles that are not only trendy but also offer the performance and comfort you need.

Trends in Gym Leggings

This season is all about vibrant colours, innovative fabrics, and versatile designs. Look out for high-waisted cuts that provide support and enhance the silhouette, breathable materials that keep you cool as you heat up, and bold patterns that make a statement both in and out of the gym.


Top Picks for Summer 2024:

Gorilla Wear Arizona Leggings - Brown - Urban Gym Wear

Gorilla Wear Arizona Leggings - For The Eco-Warrior: Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and style with leggings made from recycled materials. Ideal for the environmentally conscious gym-goer.

Gorilla Wear Joliet Leggings - Black - Urban Gym Wear
Gorilla Wear Joliet Leggings - For The Compression Champion: These leggings are designed to improve circulation and muscle support, boosting your performance and reducing recovery time.

Gorilla Wear Dorris Leggings - Violet - Urban Gym Wear
Gorilla Wear Dorris Leggings - For The All-Day Athleisure: Perfect for those who want to transition from workout to hangout without a wardrobe change. Stylish, comfortable, and flattering.

Gorilla Wear Osseo Leggings - Blue - Urban Gym Wear
Gorilla Wear Osseo Leggings - For The Ultra-Flex: Made for the ultimate yoga enthusiast, these leggings offer exceptional stretchability and hold, enabling complete freedom of movement.

Gorilla Wear Monroe 7/8 Leggings - Black - Urban Gym Wear
Gorilla Wear Monroe 7/8 Leggings - Comfort and Cooling: Cropped leggings are ideal for summer workouts as they allow more airflow around the calves and reduce overall body heat. Their shorter length makes them less constrictive and cooler, perfect for high temperatures and intense outdoor activities.

Styling Tips

Creating an ideal workout outfit is about more than just selecting a pair of leggings. It’s about crafting a look that is functional, fashionable, and suitable for summer's warmth. Here’s how you can coordinate your leggings with other key pieces of gym wear to ensure you stay cool and look stylish during your summer workouts:

Gorilla Wear Quincy Seamless Sports Bra - Black - Urban Gym Wear

Sports Bras: Pairing your leggings with the right sports bra is crucial for both comfort and style during warm-weather workouts. For a coordinated look, match the color or pattern of your leggings with your sports bra. If your leggings feature bold colors or intricate patterns, you might opt for a solid, light-colored sports bra to balance the look. Conversely, if your leggings are simple, a brightly coloured or patterned sports bra can add an exciting pop of summer vibrancy.

Better Bodies NY Tank Top - Black/White - Urban Gym Wear

Tank Tops and Crop Tops: Layering needs to be practical for heat management. Choose tank tops or crop tops that complement the style and colour of your leggings. A breezy tank top pairs well with tight, high-waisted leggings, offering comfort without sacrificing style. Crop tops can also be great for those really hot days, allowing extra ventilation and showcasing your summer fitness progress.

Gorilla Wear Hailey Oversized Sweatshirt - Grey Melange - Urban Gym Wear

Lightweight Jackets and Sweatshirts: For early morning jogs or late evening cooldowns when temperatures drop, a lightweight jacket or a breathable sweatshirt can be ideal. Select garments in colours that match or complement your leggings. Look for features like mesh panels for extra breathability.

Gwear Pro high Tops - Black/Gold - Urban Gym Wear

Footwear: Appropriate shoes are essential not just for fashion but for proper support during your exercises. For a cohesive look, choose sneakers that pick up a secondary colour in your leggings. If your leggings have a subtle blue and grey design, grey sneakers with blue highlights would be ideal. Consider more breathable shoe options to keep your feet cool in summer heat.

Gorilla Wear Cody Suede Cap - Beige - Urban Gym Wear

Accessories: Complete your look with functional accessories like sweatbands, caps, or lightweight gym bags that fit the summer theme. Opt for lighter colours to reflect the sun's heat better. A stylish yet practical water bottle and a quick-dry towel should also match your overall colour scheme to keep the style consistent.

Choosing the right gym leggings isn’t just about fashion; it’s also about health and comfort. Ensure that the leggings you select have moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry, and flat seams to reduce chafing. A proper fit is crucial — too tight, and they can restrict movement; too loose, and they won’t provide enough support.

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