Our Oldschool Bodybuilding Clothing Top Picks

by Luke Vickers on July 17, 2020

Discover Oldschool Bodybuilder Clothing

Here you can find some old school gym wear with a classic look, produced to a modern, high-quality standard. We have 100s of items available in this category, from activewear to casual pieces. Below are a few of our favourite pieces at the Urban Gym Wear HQ.


Gorilla Wear Rogers Hooded Tank Top

Gorilla Wear Rogers Hooded Tank Top

What's not to like about a hooded tank top? You can wear it during the summer, and you can wear it over a long-sleeve tee during the winter. Best of all you can put the hood up, block everything out, and get in the zone.


Gorilla Wear Augustine Old School Range

The Augustine Old School Series from Gorilla Wear is a reintroduction of one of their first-ever clothing lines. This clothing is aimed strictly at hardcore old school bodybuilding fans. The range features a pair of oversized shorts, baggy sweatpants & an oversized workout tee, all of which are available in 3 colours. All items are roomy and functional.


Brachial Tracksuit Trousers Gym

Loose-fitting eye-catching sweatpants with many big stitched details and prints. These sweatpants are made with a heavy sweater fabric and do a great job of keeping you warm during the winter.


Gorilla Wear Texas T-Shirt

A new addition to the Gorilla Wear range, the Texas T-shirt is an oversized baseball style t-shirt that features a big, bold Gorilla Wear vinyl print on the front. This t-shirt allows for superior freedom of movement during workouts.


Gorilla Wear Classic Workout Top

The Gorilla Wear Classic Workout Top is a real old school rag top. It is still one of their best selling products to this day. The design features an extremely loose fit with a large Gorilla Wear logo to the front and print on the back of the neck.

A lot of competitive bodybuilders use this top as a warm up layer over a stringer or tank top.


GASP Vintage Sweatpants

These GASP sweatpants have a retro design, with a modern-day fit and build quality. If you like your sweatpants loose and with big prints, then these are the ones for you.


Gorilla Wear Functional Mesh Pants

These pants are made with a lightweight, comfortable & breathable mesh which helps you stay cool during workouts. They are perfect for the summer, due to their breathable mesh composition. If you're the type of person who prefers to wear full length bottoms to the gym over shorts on a hot day, these are for you.


Brachial T-Shirt Sign Next

If you want a loose-fitting t-shirt with spacious sleeves which provides unrestricted movement, this it the t-shirt for you. The design features a large printed Brachial logo to the front and stitched Brachial tags. This tee also comes in 6 colours!


Gasp Stringer

You've asked and GASP has made it happen. GASP reintroduced a classic loose-fitting stringer into their range. The design features raw cut edges and a super loose fit. This stringer is perfect for the summer, and to wear to at the gym during competition prep.


Golds Gym Muscle Joe Stringer

You can't say Oldschool gym clothes and not mention the Golds Gym Muscle Joe Stringer. This is the tank top made famous by Arnold Schwarzenneger. If you've seen the movie Pumping Iron you may recognize it from his scenes filmed within the gym. This tank top was worn by many legends from the golden age of bodybuilding.


Brachial Tank Top Chest

A stylish stringer style tank top with camo trim & mesh panels to the sides. The front features a large rubberized Brachial Skull logo print. The combination of the mesh panels and stringer design helps to keep you cool during exercise and hot weather.


Bodybuilding Shoes

Gorilla Wear High Tops

These shoes provide the perfect combination of looks, durability, and practicality. You can wear them to the gym and out on the street. Their flat and grippy sole makes them the perfect shoe for deadlifts or those who prefer to squat with a flat foot and low bar position.


Gorilla Wear Perry High Tops Pro

Much like the regular Gorilla Wear high tops, these shoes are perfect for exercise and casual use. Available in 5 eye-catching designs, these are the ultimate bodybuilding shoe in terms of both style and performance.


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