Say Goodbye to Stinky Gym Clothes: 7 Tips to Banish the Smell for Good!

Working out is great for your health and well-being, but it can also leave your gym clothes with an unpleasant odour that can be difficult to remove. Sweat and bacteria can cling to fabrics and cause stubborn smells that linger even after washing. If you want to know how to get smells out of your favourite gym clothes, you have come to the right place.

How To Stop Gym Clothes From Smelling

Vinegar spray bottle and baking soda - used to remove odours from gym clothes

  • Pre-Treat Your Clothes: Before washing your gym clothes, it is a good idea to pre-treat them. You can use a pre-treatment spray (paying extra attention on the problem areas, such as armpits) or soak your clothes in a solution of water and vinegar or baking soda. Doing so will help to break down the sweat and bacteria, making it easier to wash them away.

Clothing being washed in a bucket of cold water - prevents odours in gym clothes

  • Wash in Cold Water: When washing your gym clothes, use cold water instead of hot. Hot water can cause the fibres in your clothes to break down, this can also set in odours. Cold water will help to preserve the fabric and prevent smells from becoming trapped in the fibres.

sports specific detergents - used to remove odours from gym wear

  • Use a Sports Detergent: Using a sports-specific detergent can be beneficial in removing stubborn odours from your gym clothes. These detergents are specially made to break down sweat and bacteria, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean, like they did when they were new. If you don't have a sports detergent, use a regular detergent free from fragrances and dyes.

empty washing machine

  • Don't Overload Your Washer: Overloading your washing machine can prevent your clothes from getting a proper cleaning. Leave enough space for your clothes to move around in the washer. This will ensure the detergent can penetrate the fabric and eliminate any lingering smells.

Clothes dry hanging indoors

  • Hang Dry Your Clothes: Avoid using the dryer when drying your gym clothes. The heat from the dryer can set in odours and damage the fabric. Instead, hang your clothes up to dry in a well-ventilated area. The fresh air will help to eliminate any remaining smells, and it will also prevent wrinkles.

Bottle of unbranded fabric softener, used to stop gym clothes smelling

  • Use a Fabric Softener: If your gym clothes still smell after washing, you can use a fabric softener to add a fresh scent. Fabric softeners can help mask any remaining odours and leave your clothes smelling clean and fresh. Just be careful not to use too much, as this can cause build-up on the fabric.

Deoderizer balls - used to keep clothing and shoes smelling fresh

  • Use A Deodorizer ball: Adding a deodorizer ball to your wardrobe or drawers where you store your gym wear can leave your clothes with a more pleasing, long-lasting scent. These are especially effective in smelly gym shoes and trainers.

    Getting rid of smells in your gym clothes doesn't have to be a hassle. By following these simple steps, you can eliminate stubborn odours and keep your favourite gym clothes smelling fresh and clean. Remember to pre-treat your clothes, use cold water, and a sports detergent, don't overload your washer, hang dry your clothes, and use a fabric softener if necessary. With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy your workout without worrying about any lingering smells.

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