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Welcome to Urban Gym Wear, you can find everything from Bodybuilding Rag Tops to Yoga Leggings in our store. We work closely some of the best gym clothing brands such as GASP, Better Bodies, Gorilla Wear, Gavelo, Gold's Gym, Schiek and more. Doing so enables us to offer you one of the UK's biggest selection of gym wear and weightlifting accessories for both men and women.

Mix and match between the best gym clothing brands and create your next new gym outfit. Grab a high-quality gym hoodie from GASP, pair it with a classic stringer from Gold's Gym, loose-fitting sweatpants from Brachial and trendy pair of high tops from Gorilla Wear.

If you are looking for something more casual to wear out on the street, we also stock Jeans and Formal Shirts designed to fit the athletic body type.

You can create your next new unique gym set by mixing and matching from a combination of thousands of our women's gym leggings, sports bras and women's gym tank tops from Gavelo, Gorilla Wear and Better Bodies.

You may also find discounts of up to 50% off some of your favourite gym wear brands here. Why pay more when you can find it more affordable in our Outlet?

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